SPA 2014 - New President's Address
Dear friends and fellow colleagues,

50 years! Indeed the Singapore Physiotherapy Association has reached its 50th year. We are just one year older than Singapore’s celebration of independence. What does it mean for us Physiotherapists today? If you ask any of our stalwart pioneer Physiotherapists, they will recount the days when Physiotherapy was practically unheard of in Singapore, and how they came together to start and build the recognition of the profession of Physiotherapy. Without their vision, leadership and endearing spirit, there would not be a strong physiotherapy profession today. 

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Introducing the New Council Members (office term 2014 to 2016)

Physiotherapy Singapore Article Cited in JAMA 
We are excited to share that a research article "Clinical predictors for the diagnosis of supraspinatus pathlogy" from the association's journal Physiotherapy Singapore has been cited in JAMA!  Congratulations to our researchers.  You can click here to read the article.

02 Aug 2014


Venue: Singapore Dance Theatre (Studio) 201 Victoria Street, Bugis, #07-02/03 Singapore 188067

Come, learn and explore basic dance movements at this movement workshop for healthcare professionals, with Ms Christina Chan, 
a professionally-trained contemporary dancer. 
Organised by NAC in collaboration with Dr Jason Chia, a Senior Consultant and Head of Sports Medicine and Surgery Clinic at TanTock Seng Hospital, this movement workshop aims to help healthcare professionals understand the fundamental movements of dance in order to bridge their anatomical understanding with the dancer’s kinaesthetic understanding of dance movement. You will also learn more about the physical requirements and training that is required of a dancer. 
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