Our Vision

To be united as one voice and to advocate for high standards of physiotherapy in Singapore.

Our Mission

To represent the physiotherapy profession in Singapore by:

  • Encouraging high standards of physiotherapy practice, education, and research
  • Promoting safe, effective, and proven clinical standards and practice
  • Supporting and uniting physiotherapists in Singapore and beyond

Our Logo

The vertical curve represents a person, i.e. the patient or the client.

The three circles encircling the person represent the holistic approach or our profession towards the person. The largest circle represents the Medical and Physiotherapy Profession, the next circle represents the Association, and final circle the Physiotherapists.

The Whirling of the Circles represents a profession, which is dynamic and moving with the times.

The colour blue is used for the circles. Blue is the color of the sky and sea, and is associated with depth and stability. It symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, and intelligence. This symbolises the profession and the Association having these qualities.

The light blue is associated with health and healing, which physiotherapy encompasses.

Singapore Physiotherapy Association
39A, Jalan Pemimpin, #06-06 Halcyon Building, Singapore 577183

General enquiries:
[email protected]
(+65) 9799 645099999

Membership & Support:
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(+65) 9799 6450

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